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This interactive map shows the most popular baby names for each US state and DC by year (1937 to 2020) according to the Social Security Administration. The data used is provided on their website. As explained on their site, they do not include any name in the data that occurred fewer than five times in a state. They limit each name to its first 15 letters after removing spaces and any punctuation. They also only present names with the very first letter capitalized and all others in lower case. So this is all true for when you enter a custom choice into the map as well. For instance, "Matthew Alexander" and "mAtThEwAlExAnDeRrRrR" are both considered to be the single name "Matthewalexande" in the map above. Check out the SSA's Background Information page for more about their methods. They also have some visualizations of their own.

Tip: click the title to quickly shuffle the colors if you don't like the current selection.

I made this map after my friend shared this gif with me of the most popular names for girls by state from 1960 to 2012. I wanted to know the rest of the story. I also wanted to teach myself some basic web dev stuff so I ripped off the idea and tried to make it more interactive. I hope that you enjoy it.

The map is a modified version of this US map.